standard-title Desserts


The desserts

Ice creams and sorbets

Mascarpone ice cream with figs, Salted peanut ice cream, Chocolate ice cream 70%, Coconut ice cream, Lemon sorbet with thyme
5,49 €

Moliterno cheese with black truffle

9,92 €

Whims of dried fruits “Sibarita” from Crit d’Or

6,79 €

Coca of sugar and anise with a shot of sweet wine

6,79 €

Molten chocolate cake with black truffle ice cream and a pinch of salt

7,25 €

Fine apple tart with armagnac and plum ice cream

(10 minutes)
7,25 €

Strawberry mojito with lemon sorbet and Sichuan pepper

8,10 €