Foies and carpaccios

Carpaccio of prawns with prawn ice cream and nori seaweed

20,64 €

Carpaccio of Galician blond veal entrecote (48 months matured) by Albert Adrià

25,86 €

Carpaccio of old cow stuffed with foie served with truffle oil and smoked cheese

19,33 €

Homemade foie mi-cuit with brandy Ximénez Spinola

22,47 €

Salads and shells

Smoked sardine

4 filets
12,02 €

Artichoke confit with black truffle sauce

16,00 €

Lebanese hummus with “totopos” (corn chips)

11,23 €

Caprese in textures

Burrata of bufala with cherry tomato and basil ice cream scoop, marinated in pesto
19,33 €

Anchovies from Santoña

6 filets
15,15 €

Broths, creams of soup and pasta

Eggplant and scamorza ravioli with mushroom sauce

15,15 €

Twelve-hour broth with ravioli stuffed with roasted duck and pear, black striped truffle and melted cheese