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I accept that, in the event of not attending the reservation requested and CONFIRMED by the restaurant without having communicated them with a MINIMUM THREE HOURS ADVANCE on the confirmed time, we may be charged € 15 (FIFTEEN EUROS) per diner in compensation for possible losses of any kind for not having occupied the requested table without prior notice. If the communication is made in advance, NO CHARGE WILL BE MADE.

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The pre-reservation services are merely informative and have the exclusive and sole purpose of offering the client the possibility of being informed AS MAJOR AS POSSIBLE if it is possible to make a reservation for the day and service requested. For firm confirmation, the customer will receive an e-mail or a restaurant call, definitively informing if the reservation has been made or, in case of no availability, proposing other available dates. Therefore, the pre-booking service is in no way a reservation per se, but a booking request that will be CONFIRMED OR REFUSED, closed or not, once the email or confirmation call has been received.